Which hail product is right for you?

Hail Reports

Find out exactly what happened at your loss location. When given a date of loss, our meteorologists will review all of the weather data at your loss location to determine exactly what happened.

  • Address Specific Data
  • Certified by experts
  • 2-3 Day Turnaround



What you get

Our Custom Hail Reports include detailed information regarding hail size and hail swath data used to determine damage to roofs, siding, or other structures and surfaces. In addition, any human observations of hail reported to the NWS are quality controlled and added to the report, allowing for all available hail data to be provided.

An expert meteorologist then reviews the data, hand analyzes the area where hail occurred, and creates a summary of his/her findings of the hail event in question. Reports are available for any date back to the mid 1990′s.


Extreme accuracy 
Custom Hail Reports are intended for address-specific assessments to assist in the confirmation of the absence or presence of hail greater than or equal to 0.75″ in diameter. Reports can be ordered for an intersection, city or metropolitan area as well, and are commonly used by claims adjusters, attorneys, roofers, paintless dent removal technicians, and others who require validated hail activity for response to hail damage and hail claims.


  • Address or Lat/Lon-specific verification of hail
  • Our meteorologists will focus on the identified hailswaths relative to your address of interest for your custom report
  • National Weather Service Local Storm Reports: human observations of hail are quality controlled and color-coded on map Summary statement by a trained meteorologist as to the presence or absence of hail greater than or equal to 0.75″ in diameter
  • Access your purchased reports for one-year following order date
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