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Verisk and WDT provide you fast, accurate claims analysis and weather forensics.

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Hail History Reports to verify date of loss.

Analyze severity in U.S. and Canada.

Wind maps show windspeed contours.

Fastest interactive mapping solution.


The industry’s most comprehensive hail fall detection mapping & reporting in USA and Canada


Updated!  The industry’s first on-demand wind maps for property claims analysis as well as property specific Wind History Reports



Comprehensive lightning reports to adjust claims quickly and accurately

Custom Weather

Confirm the presence of ice, sleet or snow for claims or load purposes


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About Benchmark™ Web

When a severe storm occurs, are you guessing where to
deploy field teams?

Do disparate maps and data sources
distract from helping homeowners get back on their feet?

With Benchmark™ wind, hail and lighting analytics, you’ll
receive granular, near real-time maps and property specific
reports of weather that affected homeowners – on
your iPhone®, iPad® or laptop.

By using fast, precise industry-leading weather analytics
tailored to your business, you can have better information
about neighborhood-by-neighborhood impacts after a storm.

That helps you understand the severity and
volume faster and respond quickly for great customer

  • Hail Reports for Canada and USA

    Quickly determine correct date of loss. Understand the hail history and severity at the property and in the nearby proximity.

  • Wind and Lightning Reports

    Easily order Wind Maps as well as property specific Wind and Lightning Reports

  • Intuitive new wind and hail maps

    View hail or wind maps on your laptop or tablet. Fast!

  • Streamlined Ordering Process

    Find the right report or map faster! Now purchase reports or maps for all perils from within one single application, Benchmark Web.

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