Which peril do you need analyzed through a custom report?

Custom Reports help you make the right decisions in regard to your specific weather-related claim. It could be as simple as retrieving temperature and precipitation observations, or could include an in depth assessment of radar data to create an estimate of precipitation for a location that may not have rain gauges. There is no weather phenomenon we cannot investigate. Contact us to discuss your needs today!

Winter Reports

Determine if conditions were right for any mode of winter weather (snow, ice) to help you make decisions about property claims, slip & falls, or other matters.

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Rain Reports

Verify rainfall at a given location for a specific period, including estimated rainfall rates, total accumulation amounts, and type of rainfall.

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Fog Reports

Confirm the presence of fog, mist or haze conditions at a specific location, along with duration and severity of the event.



For catastrophe and claims operations, we provide analysis of hurricane winds, tornado damage paths and wildfire damage areas. These perils are analyzed using the Respond™ service.

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Our extensive hurricane reports contain written summary, as well as tables of wind speed from each surface weather reporting station. These are produced during and immediately following landfall. Call ahead for more information.




Confirm the presence and actual tornado path within hours of a tornado of any size. Hand analyzed by our staff of expert meteorologists using proprietary techniques alongside the latest in radar data to refine information and graphics to your exact requirements.



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