About Verisk and Benchmark

Verisk Climate and Verisk Insurance Solutions provide software, data, and analytics for enterprise climate risk management. Our solutions help corporations improve resilience and profitability while enhancing service to their customers.

Insurers can apply our solutions to help improve customer service, achieve more accurate risk selection, and lower claims expense.

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers rely on Verisk to accelerate revenue growth through more accurate forecasts of product demand and to promote stable operations by helping mitigate supply chain risk.

Our innovations draw on disaster risk models from AIR Worldwide, vertically integrated data from Verisk Analytics, and environmental data and expertise from Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER). Verisk Insurance Solutions is a unit of Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq:VRSK).

In 2013, Verisk became WDT’s exclusive distribution partner of hail, wind and lightning data for the global insurance and restoration industries.

In 2014, Verisk and WDT launched Benchmark™ Web, the next generation of weather forensics analysis for claims.

In 2015, we updated the hail analysis even more, marking the insurance industry’s first availability of hail data derived from two U.S. radar infrastructure improvements, dual-polarization radar data and two-minute radar data frequency.

In 2015, we also updated the wind algorithm, which improves the wind reports and maps that the insurance industry relies to verify wind damage and expedite claims. The new algorithm increases the correlation of wind data with damage reports and insurance claims by incorporating wind gust speeds from multiple sources of weather data.