Which peril do you need analyzed through a custom report?

Winter Weather

Whether snow, ice, or freezing temperatures may have led to your winter weather claim, we can help you determine exactly what happened.  We will provide data for slip-and-falls, roof collapses, or frozen pipes.



What you get

Each Benchmark™ winter weather report includes a map of the address, all available snow/ice reports, and all weather sensors used for temperature data in the report.  Our winter weather reports are generally tailored to your needs whether it be a slip-and-fall, pipe burst, or a roof collapse.

How we do it

Using surface observations, snow reports, and other winter weather data from a variety of sources, our experts can put together a comprehensive report explaining what likely happened with regards to your winter weather claim.


All custom reports are based upon the effort to put together the report.  Most single peril reports start at $300.  All reports are quoted before we start and we will not exceed the effort quoted.

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