High resolution wind analysis, now available on demand

Benchmark Wind Maps

Simply the fastest  wind mapping service available!
Real-time Wind Maps updates allow catastrophe teams to rapidly respond to events as they happen. Position key personnel in areas most impacted by damaging wind.
The next generation real-time hail mapping tools are available on the web, or your mobile device.

  • Accurate data fast!
  • Minimize response time
  • All new mapping system



Benchmark Wind Map is simply the fastest wind mapping service available with an analysis of wind speed within minutes of the event’s occurrence. Storm data is mapped in a highly intuitive display for detailed visualization of the overall area impacted by a storm with familiar zooming and panning tools to county, community, neighborhood and street level.

The Wind Maps ensure that every event, no matter how large or small, is captured and available so that all opportunities to serve those impacted by wind damage can be addressed. Data is provided for metro regions as subscriptions for a single day, 3 months, 6 months, or a year. Purchase options for entire states or the continental US are available by calling customer support.


Computing clusters at a state-of-the-art data center processes this information in real-time, outputting windswath data every 5 minutes. This is the fastest, most reliable data available on the market today!

  • Maps updated and refreshed every hour for the current day
  • Markers indicate human observations of wind from the National Weather Service. Detailed information on size and location
  • Available for metro areas in continental US.
  • Purchase for a single day or 3, 6, or 12 month subscription
  • Order online for immediate delivery
  • View your purchased Benchmark Wind Maps data online from any computer or tablet device

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