High resolution wind analysis, now available on demand

Wind History

Now for the first time ever, you can quickly manage each wind claim using accurate, on-demand wind maps.

Wind history reports are now available!

  • Identify the wind date of loss
  • View History of damaging wind at the property


Accurate. Easy. Fast. The Benchmark™ Wind History Report gives an accurate analysis of the correct Date of Loss. You’ll understand at a glance the history of damaging winds at the property and nearby.


Wind History Reports make it easy to identify the correct Date of Loss for each property claim. In seconds, the report displays the history of wind for the property location. Wind Reports can also help you determine whether the policy was in force at the time the damage occurred. Here’s what you get:

  • A summary report showing dates when damaging windspeeds occurred at the property
  • A clear indication of whether severe winds occurred on the reported Date of Loss
  • A clear indication of the most likely Date of Loss
  • The date of most severe wind for the property location
  • Address or Lat/Lon-specific verification of wind
  • Your report will display within seconds on your laptop or tablet screen. You’ll also receive the report via email.
  • The Wind Report is a result of queries to the Benchmark™ database of the natural hazards that occurred at each property location

The Benchmark Wind Reports are the result of new innovations in meteorological research and algorithm development. We start with wind analysis from the radar data for the continental United States. The wind data are processed and filtered through proprietary algorithms and then quality assured by a team of meteorologists. Benchmark lets you manage wind claims quickly with confidence.

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