Precise lightning verification reports

Lightning Reports

Thousands of insurance claims are submitted by residential and commercial property owners each year, yet only 1 in 3 lightning claims actually has lightning present on the date of loss.

Independent verification of lightning strikes can assist in the validation and expedient handling of these claims.

  • Confirm the presence or absence of lightning
  • Cost effective industry-leading data
  • U.S. lightning details from over 700 sensors



More value for your money

Benchmark™ Lightning Reports confirm the presence or absence of lightning strikes at a particular address or lat/lon that falls within the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Each report includes Lightning History data clearly documented and available for any date(s) from May 2009 to present. With a 3-day standard search period, Lightning Reports eliminate the need to obtain additional reports should your customer supply an incorrect date of loss.

Industry-leading data
The lightning network used for Lightning History reports has a detection efficiency that exceeds 95% and an average location accuracy that is 200m or less in much of the Continental U.S.


A claims verification tool

Property/casualty claims adjusters verify the Date of Loss with Benchmark™ Lightning Reports. The reports also assist forensic engineers, fire investigation (cause & origin) experts, and self-insured property owners to understand whether lightning occurred at or near the property.

  • Verify whether cloud-to-ground lightning occurred at the property. Search using street address or latitude/longitude
  • Establish lightning characteristics like date, time, millisecond, lat, lon, polarity/amperage, and exact distance to queried address
  • Search up to 72 hours
  • Choose precise 1, 5, or 10 mile search radius
  • Color map displays street-level location and detected lightning strokes
  • Print-out of lightning stroke data with option for closest/furthest or time sequence search
  • Reports process and are available within minutes of each search request
  • Obtain a Lightning Report for any 72 hr user-defined search back to May 15, 2009

*Lightning data is available for cloud-to-ground strikes only

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