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Hail History Reports

Expediting the claims process decreases costs and increases customer loyalty simultaneously.

Leverage the power and longevity of our extensive Benchmark™ database to identify the correct date of loss. Understand sizes of hail and dates of hail storms over extended time periods.

  • Confirm hail date of loss
  • View hail history at the property



Accurate. Fast. Easy. The Benchmark™ Hail History Report is optimized to provide you an accurate analysis of the correct Date of Loss. Understand the history of severe hail at the property and nearby.

We use the most advanced algorithms to analyze hail detected by the US and Canadian radar network. Our hail data input includes dual pol radar – the latest technology available.

Hail History is a summary of hail activity at 3/4″ and 2″ thresholds for 2009 through February 2012. Then 3/4″  with 1/4″ increments to 4″ from February 2012 to present.

Use these reports online and on your iOS device for quick, convenient retrieval of the information you need.


Hail History Reports are optimized to identify the correct Date of Loss for each property claim. In seconds, the report displays the history of hail for the property location. Hail History can also help you determine whether the policy was in force at the time of hail damage. Here’s what you get:

  • A summary report showing dates when severe hail occurred at the property
  • A clear indication of whether hail occurred on the reported Date of Loss
  • A clear indication of the most likely Date of Loss
  • The date of most severe hail for the property location
  • Address or Lat/Lon-specific verification of hail
  • Your report will display within seconds on your laptop or tablet screen. You’ll also receive the report via email.
  • You can view the property’s hail history on your smartphone within seconds when Benchmark Mobile is activated.
  • The Hail Report is a result of queries to the Benchmark™ database of the natural hazards that occurred at each property location

The meteorological ingredients that make up the radar data for the continental United States (and Canada coming soon) are processed and filtered through proprietary algorithms and then quality assured by a team of expert meteorologists. Benchmark is clearly the best method by which to manage hail claims accurately and quickly.

Benchmark-Mobile for iOS

Benchmark-Mobile is the latest technology for obtaining hail fall data right in the palm of your hand in just a matter of seconds. An extremely intuitive tool for your smartphone designed to obtain accurate, immediate data regarding size and date of hail fall for your exact location from our vast weather database. To learn more about the app, download the Benchmark brochure, or watch a video presentation.

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