Strong winds hit the Northeast from the first major blizzard of 2015.

Strong winds and heavy snow slammed the Boston area as the first major snowstorm of 2015 hit the Northeastern United States. The strongest winds were detected on along the coast of Massachusetts, as evident by the Daily Wind Map generated from Benchmark Web™ (See Figure.1). This widespread event produced winds as strong as 75 mph within 5 miles on shore. The strongest wind were secluded to a relatively small area though, as noted within the figure below. The 20 mph difference within 15 miles is very significant on scales such as this.

                         Figure.1 Daily Wind Map contours of the Massachusetts area on January 27th 2015.

One of the cities to experience some of the stronger wind speeds during this blizzard was Marshfield MA, a city near the coast of Massachusetts. Within the Benchmark Web Daily Wind Map, if we zoom into the Marshfield, MA area, we see that Marshfield is within a contour of 75 mph winds (see Figure.2). The high-resolution contours give great details on the locations where the wind speeds were strongest.

2015-02-26 16_22_04-Benchmark                       Figure.2 Zoomed in Daily Wind Map contours of the Massachusetts area on January 27th 2015.

The newly released Benchmark Wind History report, which provides a historical view of straightline wind events at a property and nearby, confirms that the date of 1/27/2015 was indeed the strongest detected within Marshfield, MA since 1/1/2009 (see Figure.3 below). The report also confirms that wind gusts in excess of 50 mph was detected for a remarkable time-span of 15 hours.

                                         Figure.3 Wind History Report for 1 main st. Marshfield, MA.